Fuengirola town in Top 20 ‘most requested’ destinations, says poll

Fuengirola was in the Top 20 most-requested destinations in the world last year, according to a new study by the multinational hotel-booking website, Hotels.com, it was revealed last week.

In 2010, the town jumped to number 18 on the list of worldwide tourist destinations that visitors to the website were “interested in and /or booked rooms in.” This represents a 165 per cent increase on the previous year, according to the portal which is owned by Expedia, Inc., an American company which operates several travel brands including TripAdvisor.

Fuengirola - Top 20 Holiday Destination WorldwideSpeaking exclusively to SUR in English, the Mayor, Esperanza Oña says she was “delighted” with the findings. “We feel very proud. This is a further proof that Fuengirola remains a huge draw for tourists, following a survey last year that put our town’s hotels at the top of the list in relation to value for money. And it’s not us who said it, but the results of a survey taken by more than a million users of a tourism website.” So why is Fuengirola so high on the hotels.com list of worldwide tourist destinations, according to the Mayor?

“Well, the municipality has some of the best beaches in Spain, with 100 per cent of them carrying the Blue Flag. It’s also the Andalusian town with the most parks and squares per square metre, and it’s also one of the cleanest,” says Oña. She continues: “In addition, we try to diversify what we offer the tourist with different attractions and events throughout the year. These include the Erotic Tapa Route, the International Feria, the Fuengirola Festival, the Medieval Market, the Beer Festival, the annual feria, the special gastronomy days, and our impressive Christmas celebrations, meaning our visitors always have some kind of activity in their diaries when they arrive in Fuengirola.”

On hearing the results, Oña stresses that town’s success in the survey is thanks to a combination of Town Hall policies and the participation of local residents. “Fuengirola is well-kept, safe and pleasant, where it’s good to take a stroll, grab a snack or tapas, or dine in a top restaurant. By having virtually all its streets and squares in perfect condition, residents and visitors enjoy them almost as much as they do the beaches. The credit must go to the town’s population, because without the open and hospitable character of the ‘Fuengiroleños’ it would be impossible to achieve these results,” she explained.

British holidaymaker, Janey Liddle, is one of those who regularly books hotels in the town through websites. “I’ve been doing online bookings for hotels in Fuengirola for about five years now. I can easily see why it’s a popular destination for tourists as it’s well connected with the airport and roads, the beaches are great and there’s plenty going on in the evenings,” she says.

Source: Sur in English