Primark opens a new store in Malaga City

Dublin headquartered discount retailer, Primark, which trades as Pennys here, today said it is to open three new stores this week, one in Portugal, one in Spain and one in Germany.

This brings the number of Primark stores to 226 across seven countries. The new store in Portugal will open tomorrow in Braga, in the Braque Parque shopping centre. The store will employ 244 people and the retail space covers 31,100 square feet.

On Wednesday, a store will open in the Larios shopping centre in Malaga, Spain. The store will employ 196 people and the retail space is 41,080 square feet. On Thursday, a store will open in Germany, in Hannover’s city centre. The store will employ 803 people and cover 95,000 square feet.

Commenting on the new store openings, Primark said, “We are delighted to open three more stores which have been eagerly anticipated in each area. This year has seen Primark expanding its international portfolio of outlets across six countries – UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Belgium – with a further six stores to open by mid-December.”

In addition, just last week, Primark opened a new store in the Metrocentre shopping centre in Gateshead (UK) replacing a former Primark store which opened there in 2006. The new store will employ 500 people in total – 206 new employees and 294 employees who have transferred from the former store. It will cover 58,700 square feet. Of the six further stores due to open this year, two are in the UK; one in Spain; two in Germany and one in The Netherlands.