Costa del Sol Videos

In the beginning, youtube was a modest site backed by a revolutionary idea. It didn’t take long until youtube became a pop culture phenomenon. After all, it gave new directors a chance to get their feet off the ground, actors a chance to get known, comedians an audience and companies such as Recosur, a way to promote our business and product. However, for the sake of this blog and to help you enjoy the beauty of the Malaga region, I’m going to focus on some of the Costa del Sol Videos we’ve recently published on YouTube. Malaga city and the Costa del Sol, the home land of the famous artist and painter Pablo Picasso and Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas. We hope you enjoy them…

Malaga City – The birth place of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas – A place full of history

Costa del Sol – The land of Picasso, Antonio Banderas, Golfers and more… Its a favourite destination for Europeans

Golfing in Southern Spain