Community Legal Advice

Regardless of the type of property you buy in Malaga Province Spain, (be it a villa, an apartment or retirement home) you will find that your own interests are affected by the decisions of your neighbours. You will pay your community fees each month/quarter/year and at some point you will meet with your neighbours to discuss community matters.

The community decides on how much to spend on these services, how to maintain them and how they should be managed. The community is a legal force and can go to court in the case of a dispute. If you need to find our about your rights or just need to put your mind at rest, please contact a local lawyer and in the case you need assistant to point you in the right direction, Contact Us today!

Costa del Sol News

Recosur Supporting the Expo Gay 2011

Alter such a great response to the first event, the majority of the public and gay-friendly businesses are returning to Torremolinos, Malaga to participate in the second, with the intention of reinforcing their presence in the LGTB market. Expogays returns this October as a showcase for the world of gay tourism and businesses, a place where you … [Read More...]