Community Maintenance Service in Malaga

Community Maintenance Marbella Malaga, Costa del SolThe key to any successful community management program is the community manager. Recosur community managers are proactive by nature and undergo continual, rigorous training, representing our clients well in all aspects of the maintenance and improvement of their communities. Our knowledge of the industry, experience, and attitude towards our customers, are second to none and with a proven reduction of up to 70% on the annual cost of the maintenance of the communities, is putting Recosur on top of any Community President-s priority list.

Guest speakers are frequently brought in to address topics such as property law, insurance, finance, accounting, and a multitude of maintenance related products and solutions – all intended to keep Recosur community managers abreast of the latest advancements in the industry.

Recosur community managers perform regular site inspections, oversee contractors, provide boards with monthly management reports, organise board meeting packets and attend board meetings as scheduled. Unlike many property mangers that continually bring the board problems, Recosur community manger provide their boards solutions.

Contact Us today, to request a non obligation quotation for the management of your community and see for yourself why, we are gaining every day the trust of more communities on the Costa del Sol.

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